Wednesday, May 23, 2012


By Evan Sayer

Food! food! food! Where else in the world can you get food better than the American Embassy School's.

Open Hand Rocks! 
Sit down, relax and enjoy your food! Open Hand Cafe has many options for meals, pastries, and drinks. If the temperature is cold outside try a hot chocolate and a hot muffin to warm you up, or in the summertime you could try a sandwich and a milkshake to cool you off.

Lots of Food for a Little Place...
What little place has a lot of food? The Kiosk of course! You can get home-made food straight from the AES kitchen or get packaged items that are branded. I prefer the home-made AES food, though.

Are there Seconds?
Yes there are. In fact, you can get as much food as you want here at the cafeteria. There's a whole process of getting food: You wash your hands at the hand-washing station, get a tray, pick your food, sit down, and eat it!

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