Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Audrey's 11th Birthday!

by HouseBoy

Audrey shared another milestone (a few days early) with some friends at the American Embassy School on Saturday. She and good friend, Emma both turn eleven this week, so the girls decided to have a joint-birthday bash!
With sixteen classmates and friends gathered, the kids swam in the pool, tossed water balloons, and ate snacks provided by the wonderful AES kitchen staff. Of course there was plenty of cake - Audrey and Emma supplied the recipes.
The celebration ended with a bit of Indian culture for everyone. A local potter brought his wheel and guests learned about throwing and shaping pots. Everyone was able to have a little hands-on experience with the wheel. Emma's mom also arranged to have a Mehendi (Henna) artist available for the kids to try. Mehendi, of course is a very traditional craft here in India.
Hands and feet are decorated as a way to celebrate weddings and special occasions. I think everyone enjoyed celebrating Audrey and Emma's special day!