Monday, November 30, 2009

No Tigers at Tiger Camp

When we went to Jim Corbett Park we did many things. We played by a river. It was a river with very rough water. It was like a rocky beach. We played on sandstone and with the water with our toy horses. The water was so cold. We had lots of fun.
The meals were good at the hotel we stayed in. It was called, "Tiger Camp." We loved it!
We saw elephants in the river with their mahouts (owners). When the elephants didn't listen, their mahouts threw rocks at them. When it hit their head it sounded like a drum!
We went on a Safari and we saw some animals. We almost got to see a tiger, but their were too many jeeps! But we saw deer, monkeys, something shaped like a rooster and lots of birds.
One night we played Tambola (bingo) by the campfire. We both won money! There is a man who sings by the campfire. We also watched a movie about man-eating tigers. One tiger tore off the skin on someones head and it showed his bare skull! Eek! He is okay now. It said he shows his scars to everyone he sees!
Their were lots of trails in Tiger Camp so we had a lot of fun exploring them. The bath rooms were nice on the outside because their were flowers lining them. We went next door to another hotel with our mom and dad. It was called "Tarangi." We found a swimming pool at the other hotel, but our Dad did not pack our bathing suits! We want to take our Grandma to Tiger Camp next time!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Garden of the Five Senses

We visited the "Garden of the Five Senses" in New Delhi. And we got to use all of our senses there! We bought our tickets for only 15 rupees each and we went through the gate. First we went along a spiral path to awaken our senses. Evan said he got dizzy. Then we saw big elephant statues.
We then went through a big maze of bushes on each side of us. We went up a spiral staircase made out of stones. There were lots of couples there sitting everywhere. (some were kissing!) The path went to the top of a hill with some statues on it. We saw an orchard of yellow diamonds and there was a large metal tree with bronze bells all over it. The bells jingle in the wind.
We found little playground. It had a slide that was like a conveyor belt and a big wheel that was like the wheels hampsters like to run in. There were sculptures of watermelon (Evan's mouth was watering) and a lady diving high in the air. In one part, the garden even had solar panels for making electricity. We ate some good pizza in the garden too - next to a sculture of giant eyes that were looking at us.
We would definitely go to the Garden of the Five Senses again!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had fun celebrating Halloween. Dad went to a special market in old Delhi called, the "Kinari Bazaar" to find us some black capes for our costumes.Evan dressed up as Darth Sidious and Audrey was a Vampire! Our friends Esha and Shreyus dressed up too.

We carved pumpkins. There are green not orange! (We drew the faces and Dad did the cutting). We used little diwali oil lamps instead of candles to light them up. The Jack-o-lanterns looked pretty scary!
Evan lost his first baby tooth today (Halloween). He wanted to show everyone how his smile looks kind of like our jack-o-lantern's smile!

We all went to the American Embassy School on Halloween night. There were games and prizes. Two of our other school mates from Lotus Valley met us there. They are from South Africa. There were kids from all over the world at the festival. We liked the food. It was from KFC and Pizza Hut and there were gingerbread cookies. They had orange icing and were shaped like pumpkins. They looked like the cookies we sometimes get at Quacks Bakery back home in Austin.
The night ended with fireworks over the Embassy school. We didn't get to go trick or treating, but we had a really good Halloween!