Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boring Turned Fun

We had a hot, boring afternoon the other day. Dad said we couldn't turn on the A/C because it wasn't quite hot enough. We were finished with our homework AND our reading. The pool was closed. It was too early to watch our favorite show, "Ben 10." There was just nothing exciting going on.
Then we went out on to our balcony. Hooray! The gardeners turned on the sprinklers!
We quickly grabed our umbrellas and ran out into the "blast zone!" The umbrellas make great shields and the sprinklers shoot water everywhere! It really cooled us off! Boring really turned into fun fast!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Its now really hot here in India. Yesterday it was 43 degrees Celsius (about 110 Fahrenheit). So that's why we always go swimming here. Since April we have been taking swimming lessons everyday after school. Our coach is very nice. He has us practicing the front crawl, backstroke, the breaststroke. On Friday we even did some underwater somersaults!
We have a really nice pool here where we live. On weekends and in the evenings we swim with Mom, Dad and some of our friends. The pool here even has a water and palm trees. These are some of the best things about India!