Monday, April 19, 2010

Adventures in Malaysia Part 2

After a few days in Kuala Lumpur, we took a "VIP" bus to the Cameron Highlands. This is 2000 metres high in the mountains, so it cooler and very pretty there.
We got to go on a sight-seeing tour. We saw a rose farm (the roses were beautiful).
Then we saw a strawberry farm. They had a bakery there so we had strawberry tarts!  Then we went to a tea plantation and factory. We got to see the tea bushes. (They turn into trees if you don't cut off the leaves!)  This was our Grandma's first time to see a Tea Plantation, so we took a tour of the Boh Tea factory. Then we had a cup of tea in the cafe.  We had a great view!
Last but not least we saw a butterfly farm.

They had some really strange insects. Evan and Audrey got to hold some! The butterfly farm was the best.
Before we flew back to India we stayed for one more night in KL. 
That last day we went to a bird park. They say it is the worlds largest. We saw many birds we had never seen before.

 A red ibis, and a "victorian-crowned pidgeon." That one looks like a giant pidgeon with a very fancy hat!
Then we went a saw a bird show.  The first bird unicycled across a tightrope, the a lady came out and said, "Welcome to our Bird Show!"

Some birds were in bicycle races and also slid down a slide! But the best part was when Audrey got to feed a hawk. She held a stick up in the air with some meat on it. Then the bird swooped down and grabbed the meat right off of the stick!
We went back to our hotel for one last night. That was a good last day and a fun trip!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventures in Malaysia! Part 1

First we had to fly two hours to a city called, Columbo in Sri Lanka. Then it was a three hour aeroplane ride to Singapore. Then we took a taxi to our hotel which was beautiful!
It rained while we were there. Every day. We walked and walked to go to a Botanical Garden and an Orchid Garden where we saw lots of plants and trees.

There was a lake in the gardens with big swans in it, and turtles too!
Then we walked along some pretty canals to the Merlion. It is a famous statue the spouts water into the sea. "Singapore" means "City of Lions."

The merlion is half fish and half lion - kind of like a mermaid. Our last day in Singapore, Mom took us to McDonalds to get a hamburger! You can't get beef burgers in India when you go to McDonalds...
We took a "VIP" bus to the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We got there late at night, but dropped us off right at our hotel. The hotel was fancy. It was called the "Sunway Pyramid."

Sunway has a water park so we spent all the first day at the water park! Grandma and Dad went with us while Mom worked. The water park was cool!
The next day we went to see the Petronas Towers.  The Petronas Towers are the 4th tallest towers in the WORLD!! 

We also went up in the Menara Tower which has an observation deck.  You can see the whole city of KL from there! The we went to a market called, "China Town."  It had many different shops like toy shops, tourist shops and local shops. Some of the days we were there we went swimming in the Sunway Lagoon swimming pool which was very very fun too!