Monday, March 21, 2011

India's Where the Wild Things Are

by HouseBoy

Audrey and Evan both participated in the elementary school production of "Where the Wild Things Are." They each got to play musical instruments, dance and sing in this unique and very colorful musical. All of the kids in the AES 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades helped with its production.
Evan started out in Scene 1 as one of a dancing chorus of Max's. The kids each helped to make their own costumes and learned about choreography and even about writing song lyrics.
Audrey was part of scene 2 where the jungle grows in Max's bedroom.  Evan and Audrey both had a chance to accompany a song on the xylophone.
A curtain and back lighting were used to show the sailing voyage of Max across the sea. I thought it was very well done. But I think, for me, the best part was the portrayal all of the "Wild Things." 
The kids - mainly 5th graders, made large, crazy creature-heads out of foam material and helped create the dance moves and chants that were used during the "wild rompus."
Audrey and Evan and almost all of the kids (except the stage hands) were in the huge finale.
I think it was the biggest finale I've ever seen in a school musical! It was a fun evening for the children and, of course, for all of their proud parents.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Speaking Spanish in India

by HouseBoy

Audrey and Evan have switched from taking Hindi to learning Spanish since being enrolled at the American Embassy School. Although Spanish is probably the more practical of the two languages for our eventujal return to Texas, Mom and Dad miss learning the weekly Hindi vocabulary...
This week both Audrey and Evan had presentations in Spanish Class. Each of them had to learn lines of dialog, lyrics to music and present some of their projects to parents.
Audrey's class was the first to present. Their teacher, Mrs.Shrivastava, had the kids work as a team of "International" weather reporters, researching a presenting facts about the weather all over the globe in Spanish speaking countries. The video was set up like an evening news report.
Audrey was one of the "on-location" reporters detailing the weather from high atop famous Machu Picchu in Peru. Audrey had a great idea for her spot. She brought in a couple of hats from Nepal that actually look a lot like the traditional hats worn in the Andes Mountains. The video shots on video looked pretty convincing!
Audrey's class then shared computer projects with parents - these included a written report about the Incas and a description of a monster the kids each designed. The report and descriptions were recorded so we could listen in on how well words were pronounced!
The following day we attended Evan's class.
His group sang a series of songs in Spanish as a large part of their project. Then each child also presented some dialog.  After Evan's class entertained us with words and song, we again got to see and hear some of the children's work on computers. This time the subjects included a report on he Mayan civilization, and a description of the kids' monster creations. 
The kids had a great time being creative and having an opportunity to use some of their developing Spanish-language skills - all right here in the heart of New Delhi!