Tuesday, February 28, 2012


by HouseBoy

Evan had a second chance to learn more about archery with the Cub Scouts this month. Delhi's Pack 3060 organized an Archery Training session at the US Embassy for our four dens.
Safety training, and archery techniques were reviewed and coached by two Scout-certified "Range masters." We also had the assistance of three embassy US Marines. The marines were on hand to provide range safety and archery tips for the boys.
Evan's group showed incredible improvement over last year's session. He and his fellow scouts demonstrated good technique and consistently hit their targets with accuracy.
Because the boys have grown stronger and taller, they were able to draw back their bows with greater ease and confidence. As a result, Evan and his den-mates spent a lot more time concentrating on targeting and stance.

By the end of the morning, the archery targets looked like swiss cheese! It was a great way for us to spend a cool, Springtime morning in New Delhi.

Monday, February 13, 2012


by HouseBoy

Audrey had her first big trip without parents a few weeks ago... 3 days and two nights with her fellow 5th grade students on Safari in Ranthambore National Park.. The kids rode on the early morning train for the six hour journey to the park. They all stayed in several local hotels and enjoyed tasty Indian meals.. Although it was short, their trip was packed with activities. The 5th graders visited with area school children, learned about regional dance and art and they ventured out into the jungle on three separate safaris. They rode in large open "canters" like the one Audrey photographed below.
Our family has traveled out in the early morning on four separate occasions in three different National Parks in India (Sariska, Periyar, and Jim Corbett) to see tigers, but have never actually spotted one. Ranthambore is famed as one of the best places to sight the illusive Bengal Tiger (the world's largest cat), and for Audrey the park didn't disappoint!  And she has the photos to share her experience with us!
Audrey snapped this beautiful photo of a large tigress who happened to wander within 20 feet of her cantor. This female was on the prowl, in search of a meal for the day.
It was a great trip for the AES 5th graders, filled with wonderful memories for Audrey to cherish.