Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Broken Specs!

Audrey's famous red glasses, admired by all, broke last week! We took them around to some shops, but no one was able to repair them. But don't worry, we bought a nice new pair from a local eyewear shop! So now Audrey has a new pair of bright, blue "specs" to enjoy!
We miss the hearts made out of rhinestones, but we really like the new pair Audrey chose!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday Celebration!

Evan had a very fun seventh birthday today! We invited our good friends from upstairs to join us. We had cheese pizza and chocolate cake (Evan's favorite!)
Evan had a big pile of gifts. Most of them traveled a long way to get here in time for the party. Some of our favorites were an indoor bowling set and a cool skateboard that we can ride here in the apartment complex. Of course Evan got a Lego kit (he still loves Legos). And Audrey even got a cute little plush puppy from her Aunt. We had a lot of fun! We wish everyone at home could have been here too!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Indian National Zoo

Today we went to the National Zoo in Delhi. We had a great time. We saw several white tigers, a jaguar, elephants, giraffes with a baby, a hippo family with a baby, and lots of monkeys. The thing about the monkeys in the zoo in India is that they are not in cages! Another thing about monkeys is that they love ice cream! There was a bunch of monkeys stealing ice cream cones at the zoo. One was eating 2 cones at once. The monekys were trying to steal cones from little kids. Some people were just throwing their cones at the monkeys to get them to stay away. We had some chips for a snack (instead of ice cream). We threw the empty bag in a can marked "Use Me - Dustbin." But the bag just fell through to the ground. There was no bottom to the dustbin. We are surprised everyday by things in India!
Audrey took this great photo of a Jaguar.

Monday, January 12, 2009


See some of our new friends in our neighborhood.
These friend live right upstairs from us and go to our school. They are a brother and sister who were born in Ohio and now live here in India too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Delhi's INA Market

Today we went to a very large market in New Delhi. Our new housekeeper/cook, Indomathi, said it would be a good place to go -- and she was right! There were so many things there: food, flowers, clothes, shoes, fabric, stuff for kitchens, electronics, toys, snacks, live animals (see rooster in photo), bags, drinks and naan. Naan is a type of bread in India. We saw men making it. They put a flat piece of dough in a very very very very hot clay oven. Then they pull it out using 2 pointy sticks. We had warm fresh naan for lunch and ate the rest at dinner. Yum!
Good thing we have the week off from school. Our school has been closed for the week due to cold weather. The low this week is 43F and the high is 62F.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Our driver S.K surprised us on New Year's day with a car seat full of balloons! He is a really special driver!

We are now in our apartment. We opened some of our toys today that have been packed since we left Texas. Evan played with some of his Legos and Audrey played with her Barbie dolls.

We also finished our school work assignments. Audrey had to make a chart tracking the weather in Noida. Most days it was very foggy with a high of around 2o degrees Celsius and a low of about 7 degrees Celsius. (See if you can do the conversion to Fahrenheit - ed.) Evan had to draw a picture of his best friend and write 5 sentences describing him. He also read 6 stories from the Panchatantra. (India Fables). When we finished all of our work we watched Ben 10!