Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking Care of the Horses

By HouseBoy

Audrey and her friend Mariam had the opportunity to take care of some of the horses they ride at the Delhi Riding Club this week.
Ms. Beeru, the Club's proprietor, gave them a nice long list of chores to accomplish early Monday morning.
The girls helped clean the stables. They worked on grooming the horses, braiding the animals manes and tails. They also made sure each animal had water.
The most interesting chore involved learning how to prepare and mix the horses' morning feed. The feed is a combination of cut grasses, oats and barley, graham, corn and rock salt. 

The girls had to mound these ingredients up in one of the stables and thoroughly blend the mixture by hand.  Then Mariam and Audrey had to carry large galvanized bins of the feed to each of the nine horses. Great job!
Many thanks to Ms. Beeru for letting them learn more about the horses they ride.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Only in India

by HouseBoy

Evan was invited to a friend's 9th birthday party over the weekend. The weather was beautiful - February is by far the best month to be in India with temperatures between 60F and 85F degrees.  There were seven or eight kids attending the party. Of course pizza, sweets and birthday presents were all a part of the agenda. Evan told me the boys spent time playing soccer in a neighborhood green space and later had a "treasure hunt" in his friend's yard.
But the highlight was definitely the elephant. Only in India is it so easy to hire a Mahout and his Elephant for almost any occasion.
First the kids fed this giant, gentle, girl a big bunch of bananas as a snack. Then they all climbed aboard for a ride through the neighborhood...
On "Safari" in Jor-Bagh Enclave.  Very cool!