Saturday, May 19, 2012


A true story by Evan Sayer.

Clickity Click! Clickity Click! went the chains on the bikes as we road along the bumpy Angkor Wat road.
"May I have some water?" asked my sister.
"Sure," answered my Dad. We all hit the brakes.
"Wah...aaAAAHHHH!" my sister yelled as she tumbled off her bike. "Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!! she screamed again and again as blood dribbled out of her head.
My mom flagged down a car as my dad helped my sister up. Me and my mom locked the bikes up and ran to get into the car.We pulled up into the 24 hour emergency driveway. A man came out with a wheel chair. As the man wheeled her in the emergency room with my Mom, me and my Dad walked into the waiting room. We got some hot chocolate and sat down in front of the TV.
"The stitches are done," said the doctor an hour later.
"Finally!" my Dad gasped in relief.
After talking to the doctor and going back to our hotel, we were all happy again.

The End.

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